Historic villas in Forte dei Marmi

Historic villas in Forte dei Marmi

Historic villas in Forte dei Marmi

The golden age of Forte dei Marmi, which began an important vacation center in the “roaring twenties”, then grew during the ’30 (that’s when most of the historic villas of Forte dei Marmi were built by famous architects) and the ’40s.

In fact it was at the end of the 1910s that the “beach life” came in vogue, and Italian intelligentzia – important bourgeois and industrial families as the Agnelli, but also famous writers and artists like Böcklin (late XIXth century), then the futurists  Ardengo Soffici and Carlo Carrà began to visit Forte every year, first attending the austere and rudimental first “beach clubs”, then deciding to build there their beautiful villas with sea view and park.  The buildings started from the first line, by the sea, (which is now the Viale Italico street), going deep through the pinewood (that’s the prestigious “Roma Imperiale” area, where the most beautiful historical villas of Forte dei Marmi are located).

Rich, powerful, important families found in Forte dei Marmi their “buen retiro” and built there real beautiful manors in different styles. the Italian book “Ville segrete a Forte dei Marmi” (secret villas in Forte dei Marmi) by Maria Adriana Giusti tells very interesting stories about that glorious period.

The enormous, front line “Villa Apuana” was one of the first. it was built at the end of the XIXth century in a neo classical style (the beautiful arches of the facade are a symbol of this style). here the famous German painter Böcklin used to live in summer, and the painter Von Hildebrand even decorated part of the inside walls of the villa.

Also Villa Chimera (build in 1906) and Villa Gentile (the owner was the famous politician Giovanni Gentile) have a classical “tuscan” style: a linear facade, wide windows with green jalousies.

Then came the Liberty and the modern Style: for example the beautiful rose Villa Ciano, with a little panoramic sea-view tower.

In the middle of the Twenties an other style came in vogue: a rationalist, modernist one: villa la Bonaccia (1924) in “Roma Imperiale” prestigious Forte dei Marmi area is a beautiful example.

The best example of a Thirties villa in Forte dei Marmi, is maybe “Villa Antonietta” (1936), with real Art Déco details and elegant furniture. The beautiful marble fireplace, the little leather armchairs in the living room, the stunning wooden art deco table in the dining room. Other important Thirties villas are “Villa Nadina”, “Villa Armani”, “Villa il Meriggio”.

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